LTE: Self-Worth

by Kate Brunk

Dear Editor, 

What would our community be like if we recognized each other’s inherent value? What if we each really valued ourselves?

Psychologists like Dr. Lisa Firestone and Dr. Kristin Neff explain that true self-worth is less about measuring yourself against your external actions and more about respect for yourself as a person. 

Self-worth is about who you are, not about what you do (or what you did). 

I write to call attention to the critical mission of YWCA’s Labyrinth Made Goods. As a board member of YWCA McLean County, I proudly support this social enterprise.  Labyrinth Made Goods empowers women who have been incarcerated through professional development, apprenticeships, and permanent employment. 

Labyrinth Made Goods reduces barriers and lifts the self-worth of women rebuilding after incarceration. It’s not about what may have been done or not done—it’s about encouraging each other’s success, now and tomorrow. 

Labyrinth Made Goods just launched the Resilience Collection of scented candles that inspire us to persist beyond our past experiences. My favorite of the new collection is Tranquility. Tranquility comes when we stop comparing and start accepting, when we look inward and forward with understanding and gratitude.

To learn more about Labyrinth Made Goods—and to support their mission—visit and shop the Resilience Collection now. It’s so much more than a high-quality candle collection—it’s a tangible way to stand with women growing their self-worth and working to rebuild their lives.  


Beverly Beyer
YWCA McLean County Board Member

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