Creating opportunity. Empowering Women.

We’re not just a candle -
we’re a community.

Our candles stand for something. They mean something.



“This class was life changing for me. I’ve been using everything I learned. At the new job, I’m getting computer training and I’m able to do it and have the confidence.”


“I want to build a foundation for success; Labyrinth Made Goods is helping me build my foundation with training and opening doors so I can fulfill my dreams.”


“Our mission is so valuable to me because I have lived this experience; I overcame challenges, rebuilt my life, and found a career I love. Now, as a trainer, I am able to guide others in my community towards success.”


“When I was released from incarceration, the word “revitalize” hit me deep. I needed that word at that moment. I needed stability. And Labyrinth Made Goods gave me everything - a brand new start. I started believing in myself again.”

Founded by YWCA McLean County, everything we do at Labyrinth Made Goods, from creating transformational programs to making important business decisions, is rooted in achieving YWCA's mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities.
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