LTE: Support Labyrinth

by Kate Brunk

Dear Editor,

As a board member with YWCA McLean County, I volunteer my time and skills to help ensure that YWCA and their crucial services will continue to serve our community well for years to come. Through my service, I have learned about some other leaders who aren't often recognized as such, namely women like Cecilia, rebuilding their lives with the support of YWCA programs, Labyrinth Outreach Services and Labyrinth Made Goods.

Cecilia is the face behind the flame of the new Tranquility candle from Labyrinth Made Goods. She's working to become a recovery coach and start her own restaurant. Cecilia and hundreds of women like her in our community have experienced incarceration and, without stable housing and gainful employment, they are much more likely to be reincarcerated. Fortunately, our community has invested in the Labyrinth model that reduces barriers and provides crucial support to them.

Women like Cecilia see Labyrinth as an opportunity to achieve their goals. They want to build a stable foundation for their families and they are willing to ask for assistance to get there. Cecilia has overcome tremendous barriers and she is a resilient community leader we should all be proud to stand alongside.

Join me and show your support for Cecilia and other women like her by visiting to learn more. Every purchase of one of their 100% soy candles tells Cecilia and the women of Labyrinth that our community stands by them and that we to believe in a brighter, stronger future.

Laura Lamberti
YWCA McLean County Board Member

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