Podcast: Get an Adaatude Ep. 95 | Let’s Chat About Working For a Social Enterprise

by Kate Brunk

by Adaleta Avdić

In this episode, I sit down with Kate Brunk and Shay Tolise to chat all about working for a social enterprise.

In This Episode:

  • What a social enterprise actually is
  • More about Labyrinth Made Goods mission
  • How Kate and Shay got started with Labyrinth Made Goods
  • A behind the scenes look into their candle making process
  • A typical day in the life for both Kate and Shay
  • Kate and Shay’s favorite (and least favorite) part of their day
  • and so much more

Links Mentioned: 

Labyrinth Made Goods Website 


Listen now: https://www.adaatude.com/episode-95.html