Our Bespoke Scents "On the Go"

by Candice Byrd

Summary: Labyrinth Made Goods has launched a new product line. We have worked to package our unique bespoke fragrances into a sophisticated design that you can take with you everywhere. 

Read on to hear customers' reviews on our new product, what they were doing before the fragrance cards launched and to learn some tips on how to give yours the most longevity.

What are our Fragrance Cards?

Our fragrance cards are a sophisticated rendition of air fresheners that are typically used for your car. We took our unique bespoke scents created by the women of Labyrinth Made Goods and condensed them into beautifully designed cardboard cards.

Each fragrance card in the Seasons Collection is beautifully designed to incorporate our iconic seasons-inspired illustrations from each of our Seasons Collection candles. and each card in our Resilience Collection includes a powerful quote from a woman who has gained new opportunity through Labyrinth Made Goods. 

The packaging is not only appealing on the outside but created to preserve the freshness on the inside.

Why Fragrance Cards?

One of the biggest reasons we created a fragrance card product line is because so many of our customers and even members of our team, wanted to smell these bespoke scents in places other than just their homes.

So we were more than ready to process the creation of an alternative, so everyone can take our fragrances “on the go.”

You’ll probably agree that it is not the best idea to have a lit candle in your car and not many offices allow you to light a candle inside for safety reasons.


Here is a quote from one of our beloved customers Ms. Trudy:

My favorite scent is Visualize, and when I got a new car it smelled a little off, so I put my Visualize candle in it (unlit of course!)” Over time with the heat, it would melt slightly and release more of its beautiful delicate fragrance.  “I was so excited to hear about the new fragrance card product line that I knew I needed the Visualize scent as soon as it launched” Now I have the fragrance card hanging from my gear shift. My car smells so good! I have a sensitive nose and I dislike many smells, but this scent is not overpowering. I also just ordered one of each scent available in the fragrance cards, and gifting a few to one of my daughters for her birthday; I know she will love them too!”

Now you can experience the Labyrinth Made Goods fragrances anytime, anywhere too with our new fragrance cards.


How to Make Your Fragrance Card Last

We want to ensure that each Fragrance Card makes the same lasting impression as our Labyrinth Made Goods candles. When you first purchase, your card will generally fill a small space with its unique customized scent. To make the scent last as long as possible; Kate Brunk offers a tip: 


“I typically like to leave the sleeve on my Revitalize fragrance card. Over time I slide the packaging down to release more of that delicious minty oolong tea scent into my car.” 

This is a great idea to release the amount of LMG freshness you desire and also help preserve the fragrance card scent for a longer period of time while you are “on the go.”


Where can the Fragrance Cards be used?

Where can Labyrinth Made Goods fragrance cards be used other than my car, you might ask; well, the answer is literally anywhere! Whether you want to reminisce about an autumn bonfire, apple cider in your closet or smell a hint of lilac buds and cool earth every time you open your suitcase on vacation; you can take your favorite scent wherever you go! Think dresser drawers, locker rooms, school or work bags.

The options are limitless; however, we recommend leaving a barrier between your fragrance card and other materials like cloth or paper, so the scent does not transfer to the fabrics. You can do this by leaving the plastic on the fragrance card but having it open for the scent to circulate.

Take a look at how one of our favorite consumers Torii Moré Curator of Digital Humanities at the Mclean County History Museum (also one of our candle retailers) uses her fragrance card:


“I love the new line of fragrance cards! The scents of all of the LMG candles are vibrant, and now we have a new economical way to spread the scents everywhere while supporting the vital work that LMG does. I already have one in my vehicle, kitchen, and closet. I bought one in every scent and can't wait to share them with friends and family. I also love that this option is flameless, making it a great option for elderly folks or locations that don't allow open flames (like my office!).”


Ways to Repurpose and Recycle Your Fragrance Cards

Don’t be shy about choosing to repurpose your old fragrance cards. Just like when your Labyrinth Made Goods candle reaches the end of its burn life, you can continue to use the beautiful frosted or apothecary green glass jar; our Fragrance Cards can be reused or recycled as well. The perfect circular shape and beautiful sophisticated designs could make for great “on the go” coasters. Pull out a Labyrinth Made Goods Fragrance Card at a dinner party and you have yourself a striking conversation piece with a story to tell. 

Since our Fragrance Cards are made out of 100% cardboard pulp, they are biodegradable and can be recycled. Just remember to remove the string before deciding to compost or recycle. No matter what you do with yours, don't let it end up in a landfill. Our Labyrinth Made Goods bespoke scents can fill a few rooms in minutes and our Fragrance Cards can keep a sports locker fresh for weeks, but they can't fix a landfill. 


Visit https://search.earth911.com/ to find a recycling facility near you.

Learn more about reusing and recycling our containers in order to help us reduce waste.