We Use Premium Candle Ingredients

by Kate Brunk


At Labyrinth Made Goods, we believe in transparency with our customers and supporters. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax. We chose soy wax because it burns cleaner, is renewable, and helps support our community since soybeans are grown all across central Illinois where we’re located. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax, paraffin-soy blends, and other non-renewable waxes. Burning soy wax produces less soot and is non-toxic.

Paraffin wax is made from fossil fuels so the environmental impact of paraffin wax is higher than soy wax. Not only does it harm the environment to extract and process fossil fuels into paraffin, but paraffin wax candles may also release toxic fumes when burned.

Soy wax also helps us be more environmentally sustainable because it’s 100% renewable. All across the Midwest, we grow and harvest soybeans. Some of those beans are processed and converted into the soy wax we use in our candles. With proper soil stewardship, Midwest farmers ensure that their fields can produce those high-quality soybeans year in and year out. This renewable source is a big improvement over waxes that are made from fossil fuels, like paraffin and some soy blends, that are not renewable.

Some other candle makers say that their candles are “soy candles” without revealing that their soy wax is actually mixed with paraffin or other non-renewable waxes. Labyrinth Made Goods candles are made with 100% soy wax and no dyes. Although some plant-based waxes don’t withstand extreme temperatures as well as paraffin wax, we worked extensively to test and produce a 100% soy wax candle that has a great scent throw and can withstand high and low shipping temperatures.


We use the highest quality fragrance oils that are always paraben free and phthalate free. We use premium fragrances that include blends of essential oils, extracts, and aromatic ingredients to create a unique sensory experience that set our candles apart.

Our collection of seasonal scents is inspired by the fragrances iconic to the four distinct seasons we experience in the Midwest. Labyrinth Made Goods was founded by women in McLean County, Illinois, a community where farming and agriculture are a key facet of our history and culture. Our seasonal scents, Spring No.57, Summer No.23, Autumn No.84, and Winter No.65, celebrate nature and the ways in which our daily patterns change with the seasons.

The scent of our Spring No.57 candle is like stepping outside on an early spring morning. Winter has melted away, dew sparkles on the grass, and peonies waft through the breeze. Complex floral notes take you on a stroll down a prairie path, the definition of Midwest Spring.

Nothing captured our vision of an iconic summer day more than a visit to the local farmer’s market. Summer No.23 transports you to a Midwest farmers market, past work-worn crates overflowing with fresh picked herbs and cut wildflowers. This scent is uplifting and gentle, floral with subtle notes of sweet hay and cedar to define the long, fruitful days of summer.

Our Autumn No.84 candle takes you to an evening next to a crackling fire, sipping a mug of warm apple cider. Curling up into a leather chair and wrapping up in a blanket, the steam from the mug warms your senses. This aromatic scent captures autumn in the Midwest.

Winter No.65 envelopes you in refreshing ice-kissed air while you hike along a snow-dusted path winding through Balsam Fir trees. This hand-filled candle is bright, peaceful, and evokes all the joy of the winter holidays.

The Serenity Candle™, our signature candle, was designed by the women of YWCA Labyrinth Outreach to capture what serenity means to us as we overcome obstacles and rebuild our lives. Each of these hand-filled candles conveys a serene moment by the lakeside.

When you light a Serenity Candle, you light a beacon for new lives lived with dignity and self-worth. Your purchase lets the Labyrinth sisterhood know that people care about us and our well-being.


While wax and fragrances are the key components of our candles, the glass jars, metal lids, and paper packaging give our products the professional finish you rely on. The good news is these components are nearly 100% recyclable. Our glass jars are made from 50% recycled glass and are fully recyclable anywhere glass is accepted. Our jars are also BPA and lead free. The lids are made from tin, which is 100% recyclable. The plastic band inside the lids is made from polyethylene and is recyclable in some areas. Visit https://search.earth911.com/ to find a recycling facility near you.

The paper packaging we use for boxes and informational materials is 100% recyclable and our boxes are made with 100% post-consumer recycled material.

The adhesive labels on our jars are not recyclable and should be discarded into your waste bin.

Learn more about reusing and recycling our containers in order to help us reduce waste.