What Does Tranquility Mean to You?

by Katie Ishizaka

Written by: LaShanda Bailey 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Tranquility”?

For some, it can mean peace and quiet. The calm before the storm. Peace can come in many forms, and it varies for each person. Sometimes peace and tranquility can be isolation and solitude. Being able to be alone with one's thoughts and feelings can bring a great sense of tranquility.

For me, it’s spending time with my family. I find peace in the simple things like long walks, listening to music together, or sitting by the fireplace with warm drinks and cozy blankets. That’s what comes to mind when I smell the Tranquility candle.

Tranquility smells like pumpkin and cloves. Its fragrance is warm and inviting. I love it because it triggers good memories and feelings for me like going to the fall harvest festival with my kids, taking hayrides and sipping pumpkin lattes. October starts the fall season and ushers in the season of togetherness. I enjoy that time together and making memories to last a lifetime. I feel like we were able to capture and embody those feelings into a candle and it’s simply amazing.

I find tranquility in the work I do with LMG. Knowing that what I do makes a difference in someone’s life has a positive impact on me. Being able to work in a non-biased, judgement free atmosphere is therapeutic in its own way. I’m very passionate about the work I do with Labyrinth because even though I’ve never been incarcerated myself I have seen firsthand what barriers and challenges are created by a mistake of the past.

Incarceration haunts you like the ghost of decisions past. Even after growth and change it lingers like a bad smell on a hot day. Even though it may be hard to feel tranquil after incarceration, Labyrinth is safe space that reminds you everything is going to be ok. Labyrinth Made Goods is so much more than a candle. We get to offer life changing opportunities to women who need a second chance, a real second chance.